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How to make money on YouTube? 7 methods

How to make money on YouTube? 7 methods

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Youtube today is not just a social network where people post videos. It’s a place to make income💰, and not just an extra income, but a main income.

Popular bloggers make a lot of money in different ways. Which❓Let’s look at❗️

Here are a few steps that can help with that!

Monetizing on YouTube

Once monetization is connected, you can make money from click-throughs or ad impressions embedded in videos. Income depends on many factors, but a rough estimate of bloggers’ income from monetization can be seen on Socialblade

Collaborations with other bloggers

Collaborations are still one of the most viewed types of content. People like to watch when their favorite bloggers are in the same frame. Plus, it’s a good way to make a new name for yourself аудитории👍🏻 Some newcomers are even willing to pay more popular bloggers to get on a promoted channel.

Selling memorabilia

More and more actively, bloggers are selling things with different symbols. For this purpose, they post links to sites or online stores where such goods can be bought under each video and get money for it.

Selling products through an affiliate program

As a reviewer or expert, you can sell products from other companies or experts through an affiliate program. You can earn money while doing so by receiving a commission

Earnings from streams and donations

During live broadcasts, viewers can send you money. This usually works with channels that are already popular and have a loyal audience. As a rule, such donations are not the main source of income, but a very good bonus💵. Even the most popular bloggers from the CIS occasionally make such broadcasts.

Direct cooperation with advertisers

This is one of the most popular and profitable ways of advertising. Bloggers are people who are trusted. Therefore, it is a great way for the advertiser to advertise and for you to earn деньги👌🏻.

Advertising your own goods and services.

Also, bloggers often sell services or products through their channel. If there is a quality product that your target audience can enjoy, this is a great opportunity to significantly increase sales and make good money

Do you want to make money doing what you love❓

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