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How to promote automobile YouTube channel?

How to promote automobile YouTube channel?

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The number of automobile YouTube channels is growing every day. That’s because the auto theme is one of the most promising and popular directions. There are really a lot of millionaire bloggers in this niche, and the competition is enormous. But this does not mean that it is not worth starting.
On the contrary! The path from launching a channel to promotion can be long, but if you have patience and do everything right, anything is possible!

Promotion factors for automobile YouTube channel

The main stages in the promotion of the automotive channel is almost no different from the promotion of other channels. This is a kind of base, which will help you to untwist.

Audience Retention

What is retention? This is a measure of the amount of time viewers watch a video. If the video interested the person, it is likely he will watch it to the end, or more than half. And accordingly, the retention rate will be high. If the video didn’t like it and the viewer left right away, it’s low.

Does it mean that the shorter the video, the higher the chances to reach the top? Not necessarily. YouTube translates everything into percentages. So a long video and a three-minute clip may have an equal chance.

Tip: Analyze the age of your target audience. Most often teenagers and young people turn off the video in the middle because they get bored with the information fast, but older audience and kids often finish it to the end. Use this information as a guide when planning the duration.

Ranking of the video

The main factors that help for ranking:

  • Good retention rates.
  • Optimization of titles and descriptions.
  • Number of video views.

If retention rates are clear, how do you write titles and descriptions correctly? The main thing to understand is that the texts should be SEO. But do not forget that the text is still read by people, not robots.

Views on YouTube

It seems that with views is the most difficult. Where can you get them if your channel isn’t popular yet? Try to share the video immediately after uploading it in all social networks on your pages, in various thematic publishers, share it with your friends. Of course, it won’t get you thousands of views at once, but the main thing here is to create activity within 72 hours. If YouTube sees that there is some movement, chances for a good ranking increase.

Do not forget to pick up the video tags! Various free services can help you with this. Choose one that will be easy to use. Or do it manually – a longer but more accurate option. You can read how to add tags to videos in our article “Tags for YouTube. How to Add?”


Promotion on YouTube is important, but if you don’t have a good idea, your “ship” just won’t sail. Try to analyze what you already have on YouTube in the automotive theme, which topics are particularly popular, which have not yet disclosed. You can rely on the statistics of competitors, but adding their original chips. It is important that the idea is simple and understandable for the viewers. So that people understand why they should subscribe and what to expect in the future.

A miniature for the video

It would seem that such a little thing can have a global impact on your promotion? But yes, it can! The picture to the video must capture the essence. That is, you should not add a simple photo of yourself on the cover of your video with the car review. When looking at the picture, a person should immediately catch the association – what is the video about, what is his/her mood, should he/she watch it? It should attract attention and make you want to click to watch it!

Tip: It’s best to make all video covers in a similar style to set the same mood for the channel, which will be associated with you.

It’s not hard to promote your YouTube channel! Try different tactics, don’t forget about promotion and good design. For more information on promotion can be found in other articles on our blog. Order promotion youtube channel on our website

Good luck!

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