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How to promote your business on YouTube?

How to promote your business on YouTube?

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More than 90% of people will go online to learn more about a product or service before making a purchase. Half of them will stop at YouTube.

That is why today business owners are more and more eager to start running their channels, because the platform has enough paying audience.

Why YouTube is so popular for promoting their services and businesses?

People want to buy from people! If your business has a “face”, there are more chances to sell your goods and services, or just increase your visibility. That’s exactly what YouTube helps with!
It’s a great opportunity to come out of the shadows and show your audience who’s behind it all.

How can YouTube help promote a business?

Regardless of what field you’re developing your business in, YouTube can help:

  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Expand your audience.
  • Increase business visibility.
  • Build customer trust.
  • See desired conversions and increase sales.

YouTube is about the opportunity to reach the next level of earnings. Even if you are just starting your business, thanks to the platform you can accelerate your way.

What are the benefits of promoting your business on YouTube?

If you do decide to stick with your channel, you will already have the advantage of getting your video featured in the top positions when Google searches.
The more often you’re visible, the more chances a customer will end up coming to you! Even if the viewer doesn’t need your services at this point, he will still remember you and will turn to you when needed. That’s why do not forget to promote in parallel and in other social networks.
The opportunity to get feedback. Here as nowhere else viewers willingly share comments, respond to questions, follow the links. This helps you understand which way to go and how to be most helpful to your customers.

How to get closer to monetizing your channel faster?

A few important steps on the way to your goal:

  • Respect copyright and follow the rules of the platform.
  • Try to make videos that are trending.
  • Spend time on proper channel design.
  • Regularly promote your videos.

Produce one video and forget it – no!
Do regular promotion – yes!

Constant improvement and trial and error method will help you to see the first successes and money from the channel sooner.

But do you have to have your own personal channel?

No! That’s the advantage of YouTube. There are equally working ways:

Integrating with bloggers.

In this method, you don’t have to spend time creating and promoting your own channel. You simply find a blogger with whom you have a similar audience and request an integration. It is best to have your ad in the beginning or in the middle of the video. This way, the effectiveness will be the highest.


Millionaire bloggers, of course, will not agree to such advertising, but beginners may be interested in doing advertising in exchange for a product or service. This usually works with accounts up to 30-40 thousand subscribers.

Contextual advertising

In this case, your video will be shown before the video. This is an opportunity to quickly get great coverage and engagement. But not all audiences are loyal to this type of advertising. Your task is to make the video interested from the first seconds and cause a desire to buy.

Start with a simple! With each time you will find it easier and easier to understand the YouTube algorithms, how the process works and how to promote your business in the most effective way. Be consistent and regular and don’t forget to improve your skills.

Make YouTube an important channel to promote your business!

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