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How to promote a travel YouTube channel?

How to promote a travel YouTube channel?

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The YouTube travel channel is about climbing snow-capped mountains, finding the best sangria on the island, exploring coral reefs, showing the beauty of your native land…, and getting paid for it all!
This is a real chance to make your favorite hobby your life’s work!

It all starts with an idea

As with any other subject, it’s important to decide on the direction of your channel first. There are several popular formats of travel videos:

  • Vlog. Your personal experiences, real emotions, and recommendations. Vlogs are a kind of personal diary that you allow viewers a glimpse into. People especially warmly love this format because it inspires trust, makes you feel close to you somewhere on the other side of the globe. Take your camera everywhere with you – that’s basic advice.
  • Guides. A more energy-consuming format that requires a lot of filming and planning. These videos are created to give clear advice and inspiration for travel for beginners or advanced travelers. Information should be verified and delivered simply and clearly.
  • Niche videos. These videos should focus on one aspect or theme of travel (food tours, yoga in the mountains, excavations, etc.).

How do you know what format to choose for your channel? If you don’t have a clear idea, it’s best to try your hand at different genres. That way you’ll know what works best and you’ll focus on that in the future!

How do you make the video you want to watch?

You can shoot a lot of beautiful frames, put them to music and hope that the audience will be delighted. But as a rule, it doesn’t work that way! It’s not just the picture that’s important, it’s how you present it.

Practical tips:

  1. Add a story to the story, let people be involved.
  2. Don’t forget to make a call to action at the end of the video! Sometimes viewers just forget to like and subscribe to the channel. Why not remind them! Just do it carefully and not too often, so as not to achieve the opposite effect.
  3. Many people think editing is a tedious part of production. But try to make the video at least just pleasing to the eye. A travel video doesn’t need bright transitions and special effects. Cut unnecessary fragments, add dynamics and music in the right places (make sure the music does not violate copyrights!), and that will be enough!

How to promote your YouTube channel?

Start with the base! This is something that is standard for all bloggers on YouTube, but definitely important!
Pay attention to filling in all the fields: not only the title, but also the description, keywords, location and date of the entry, category. All this affects the rating.

Place links to your social networks in the description, and if you have one, to the site.
Be active on other social networks! Talk about the output of your videos, ask your subscribers to share the news on their pages. It’s a working way to attract a new audience to YouTube!

Can’t do without advertising at first. Our advice – do not drain the entire budget in vain! It is better to spend extra money on new trips. Turn straight to the professionals, so as not to wait a few years for the result.

A videoblog is insanely interesting. And a videoblog about travel – it is doubly interesting! Discover new opportunities with YouTube!

Tools to promote your travel youtube channel

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