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How to promote trainings or online courses on YouTube?

How to promote trainings or online courses on YouTube?

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Online courses are about making money by selling information. It does not matter what kind of information it will be. Anyone who feels his expertise in one area or another can start earning money from it.
In addition, training courses have become a real trend in recent times. People are thirsty for knowledge, and the online world gives unlimited opportunities in this.
A quality online course is useful to both experts and those who train. Experts share knowledge, make money, and also pump up their personal brand. YouTube is the perfect platform to start trying your hand at this business.

Online course: available formats

Online streaming or recording. A group is recruited to access videos or broadcasts. Most often these formats involve interacting with students, answering their questions (either at the end of the broadcast or later in a chat room).
Individual approach or groups. For those who find it difficult to adjust their schedule, there are individualized packages. A person buys a course, takes it on their own when they have time and desire. In the case of groups, first a certain number of people are recruited, and then, at an appointed time, the training begins.

Of all the options available, it is the video format is the most popular. That’s what the YouTube channel is for! This is your ideal platform to promote your services and find clients.

How do you start earning?

  1. Decide on your niche and topic. For example, you want to start training for fashion designers. Next, you need to narrow down the topic. For example: how to create stylish clothes in a smart casual style.
    Important: Choose only those areas that you yourself are interested in, and for which you have enough knowledge and experience. If the chosen niche is not inspiring enough, there is a chance that burnout will come very quickly.
  2. Devise a training program. All material should be clearly systematized, divided into subtopics. In no case should you try to give too much material in a short period of time. The perception of the information must be easy and understandable for everyone.
  3. Packaging the product. At this stage, you need to communicate why the offer is attractive to the buyer. The best option is to create a lending (one-page site), where all the information about the structure and theme of the product will be collected.
  4. Promotion. Even if all of the previous steps are thought out in detail, the crowds of buyers by themselves will not swoop. To begin with you need to attract the attention of people. How to do this? Promote the course wherever you can. Since we are talking about YouTube channel, the main promotion should be focused there.

If you want to reach the next level and feel the volumes, you have to promote your online courses!

Advantages of advertising on YouTube:

  • A platform where you can reach unlimited scope.
  • Attracting potential customers.
  • New source of traffic.
  • YouTube ads can be further used for Facebook/Instagram as well.

Online courses are like a breath of fresh air. If you want to start doing something in demand and interesting, it’s time to pay attention to online courses. The trend for such services will definitely not go away soon, so you have every chance to promote your channel and start earning real money from it!

Promotion tools for training and online courses

These three simple actions will give your YouTube channel acceleration and your infobusiness new clients. We recommend you start with small orders of 10,000 views and 500 likes for each of your YouTube videos.

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