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Your channel must have a video longer than 1 hour and less than 2 hours. Please enter the link of this video when purchasing.

The “Allow placement” setting must be enabled in the video (edit video -> advanced settings)

There should be no age or country restrictions on the video.

Complete in 14-28 days

Video inserts must be allowed. On the channel; There should be no copyrights, spam, penalties, +18 videos, or duplicate content.

In case of hiding or deletion of the video for which the service was ordered, “Watch Hours” are automatically deleted by YouTube. If the video has been switched to “access by link” when switching to the “public” mode, the viewing time will be restored.

Security: All information you enter on the Site is protected by SSL encryption.

Guarantees: All services that you buy on pilum24.com are real and delivered on a permanent basis. All packages you buy have guarantee and support provided in case of any problems.

Payment: You can pay via any convenient payment service – wayforpay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard.

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