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Ways to promote your YouTube channel

Ways to promote your YouTube channel

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Increasingly, brands and influencers are using video as a communication tool. Huge competition is forcing them to develop entire strategies to promote their channel on YouTube.

Is it realistic to promote a newcomer if he doesn’t have a team of professionals behind him? Definitely yes! And how to do it better, we’ll tell you next.
To begin with, if you haven’t read any of our blog articles yet, we advise you to read them beforehand.

There you will find many practical tips and tricks for successful promotion. And now let’s talk about the ways we haven’t considered before.

Create seasonal content on YouTube

The holidays can be a great source of inspiration. People come to YouTube for all kinds of reasons – looking for Christmas gift ideas, Halloween costume ideas, Easter egg design ideas, etc. Understanding what your audience might want for certain holidays is a great way to get views. Always plan for seasonal videos in advance.

Promote your channel on other platforms

Another way to attract views and increase interaction with your videos is to cross-promote your channel on your website or social media. Such publications will help attract traffic to YouTube. Since your social media followers are already interested in you, they will definitely notice your channel and start clicking through to watch your videos.
The greater the reach of the video, the better the chances of getting new views and. Try to diversify your advertising platforms, but don’t forget about your core audience.

If you have a database of addresses, you can send an email newsletter every time a new video comes out, or on special occasions. You need to be clear about the purpose of these newsletters. Make sure the message is crafted in such a way that users will be tempted to click on the link.

Build credibility and trust with your audience

It’s very important that you evoke trust and positive emotions in the people who watch you. This makes it easier to encourage your audience to be active, and more people will share your channel with others. Build relationships step by step!

Pay attention to branding

Branding your YouTube channel helps increase recognition and audience loyalty. Be sure to use a branded logo and add titles and descriptions to your videos. You can also add links to your website and social media on top of the banner image.

The main thing is to make the channel design work for you and become recognizable.

Increase the viewing time on YouTube

Viewing time is the amount of time a viewer views a video. YouTube’s algorithm uses viewing time as a key metric in determining video rankings. By measuring viewing time, YouTube can determine what viewers are watching in order to show more of this type of content.

Growth on YouTube will be slow, but every step taken is definitely worth it. Any successful YouTube blogger started from scratch, and the popularity was the result of consistent effort and strategic promotion.

Create a clear channel promotion plan, stick to it, and you’ll notice your audience and subscriber base grow!

Promotion of YouTube channel for a fee

You can order paid promotion on our service. We offer targeted views for your video on YouTube. Live subscribers will help promote your YouTube channel, and a lot of likes and comments will help the YouTube algorithm understand that the video is the best in your niche.


Our team is happy to help your channel gather the required number of hours of views and subscribers to get monetization and a silver button from YouTube.

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